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Keith Aldridge

"This is an amazing system. We immediately started implementing it internally and with our customers to great success."
- Keith Aldridge, VP Building Sciences, Advanced Energy

Monthly Calls

Join fellow graduates each month for a 1-hour conference call dedicated to ongoing support and learning. These calls are an opportunity for you to learn about new developments in the system, hear how other graduates are applying the system and deepen your understanding of the concepts and tools from the COS.

Calls are held the third Wednesday of every month at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Join the COS graduates mailing list in order to receive dial-in and content information for the calls.

If you have questions about or requests for the community calls, email Michael Ryan.

Live Communities

If you live in the Atlanta area, join the live COS community there. Contact Joanne Chu for details.

If you would like to start a live community in your area, contact us today for a list of COS graduates near you.

Inner Journey Retreat

Ready to take the next step? Effective collaboration is challenging, and implores us onto a path of consciousness. The Inner Journey Retreat will give you the tools and framework necessary for this essential personal growth. Read more on the Inner Journey website.