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COS Part I


Jennifer Hooker Photo"The COS has been such a life changing experience for me. Not only did it revolutionize the executive team I was a part of, but it was a transformative experience for my personal life as well! I've taken the COS into a new organization recently and it has resolved long standing issues around alignment, ownership and collaboration that have prevented progress there for years. I am indebted to Rachel and the team. Thank you for your support, guidance and teachings!" 

Jennifer Hooker, Los Angeles, CA

COS Part I: Is designed and delivered in such a way as to truly alter participants’ understanding and paradigm of the world of work. Part I participants learn the art and science of identifying and articulating the “problem landscape” thereby ensuring they are working at the most strategic level and in the most strategic way. Graduates have a powerful tool and process for creating high levels of ownership and alignment for every aspect of their work. They report a dramatic increase in 1) their ability to be strategic systems thinkers and 2) a growing reputation as a “high-trust, high-performance” leader.

Outcomes include knowledge of how to:

  • Help a team get clear, engaged, and aligned around the work/project/task
  • Think and work more strategically
  • Increase trust among team members
  • Increase staff motivation and engagement

Cost: $495.

Upcoming courses:

Starts Tuesday, February 18, 2020 and runs through March 24, 2020 (Register for this course)

Week Module   Content
1 1   Introduction
2 2   Fundamentals 1 & 2
3 3   Fundamentals 3 & 4
4 4   Element 1: Identify the Problem - Solo work
5 4   Element 1: Identify the Problem - Team work
6 4   Element 1: Identify the Problem - Advanced


 Online Program Schedule

  • Prior to the training, participants are provided with two hours of reading material.
  • There's a weekly rhythm to the training: On Tuesday, we hold a 90-minute interactive training call followed by:
    • Approximately 60-90 minutes of fieldwork
    • A weekly partner call to review and complete fieldwork (optional)
    • A 60-minute study group call for fieldwork support
    • Approximately 15 minutes of reading preparation for the next 90-minute call