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“The core principles of the COS have proven invaluable to me in leading and working across teams to define and tackle wicked problems in an increasingly complex organization.”
- Beth Anderson, Executive Director, The Hill Center

COS Part III: Participants master COS Element 4, the Team Formation Process – a uniquely effective approach to the “holy grail” of leadership: The high performance team. Executing on the vision doesn’t happen without such a team. COS Team Formation creates high levels of ownership and alignment for the work, the way it will be performed and the operating agreements (governance) which the team will commit to in their relationships with one another. Element 5 is a 50,000-foot capstone module demonstrating how to bring the entire COS together in a project of any scope and size. And finally, we complete with module 12, dedicated to subtle ways of incorporating this powerful system into your everyday words and actions to support a culture of collaboration in your workplace.

Cost: $795.

Upcoming courses:

Starts September 8, 2020 and runs through October 18, 2020. Register now.

Week Module   Content
1 9   Element 4: Team Formation Process:   Chartering
2 9   Element 4: Team Formation Process:   Chartering
3 10   Element 4: Team Formation Process:   Governance
4 10   Element 4: Team Formation Process:   Governance
5 11   Element 5: Create a Collaborative Plan
6 12   Bringing the COS into the World


 Online Program Schedule

  • Prior to the training, participants are provided with two hours of reading material.
  • There's a weekly rhythm to the training: On Tuesday, we hold a 90-minute interactive training call followed by:
    • Approximately 60-90 minutes of fieldwork
    • A weekly partner call to review and complete fieldwork (optional)
    • A 60-minute study group call for fieldwork support
    • Approximately 15 minutes of reading preparation for the next 90-minute call