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Leadership Coaching


“As a Human Resources executive, my experience with the COS is invaluable. I have known Rachel for over ten years, her insightful leadership, constant encouragement and profound coaching have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. The COS is truly a differentiator for any organization or leader.”
Jeff Knapp, Vice President, Human Resources, Harvest Power, Inc., Boston, MA

A Whole New Approach to Leadership

It seems commonly accepted these days that anybody who is serious about their work uses a coach -- that's because there's no more efficient way for you to get better at what you do. What works for professional athletes also works for professional people.

Although there are numerous coaching disciplines and philosophies represented on our team, you can expect that our work with you will support and empower your own knowledge, wisdom, and abilities. You can expect us to bring new, stimulating, and effective ideas and strategies. You can expect quantifiable results starting with your first coaching session. Over time (perhaps 3-6 months), you can expect to become more resourceful, more purposeful, and more satisfied in your work and life. Ultimately, you can expect to discover deep wells of creativity and meaning which can be translated into specific results in any area of your life.


  • A typical coaching arrangement could consist of an evergreen document scoping and defining the goals for your coaching as well as scheduled weekly conversations between you and your coach in order to execute against those goals . Fees are project-specific but start at $200/hour. Sometimes coaching is bundled with a training program or specific project and that impacts the rate.
  • We are available to do a single coaching session with you in order to help you understand more about the value and experience of coaching.


  • Group options are similar in structure to individual ones - goals are defined and coaching sessions are scheduled. Advantages to the group option include: 1) Cost savings, 2) The opportunity to learn about how to approach and deal with challenges that you haven't yet faced, 3) The opportunity to learn more about how to manage a group (group dynamics), 4) The opportunity to form highly supportive, collegial relationships. Group and coach develop an agreement on the desired outcomes for the engagement.
  • It's generally helpful to have some individual coaching sessions under your belt before jumping into a group.
  • We start new groups on a regular basis. Contact us to explore which group is most suitable for you and to find out the next group start date.