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Purpose Coaching


Rich Tafel
“I have completed both the purpose work and the COS training, I can definitively say that these two are a winning, must-have combination for any change-agent.”

- Rich Tafel, The Public Squared

Got Purpose?

Do you have a sense of “calling” that transcends your immediate personal or career goals? Many people have occasional glimpses of a larger mission or purpose guiding their lives, but few have taken the time (or even know how) to clearly identify the contribution they’re uniquely qualified to make in the world. Yet knowing what your gifts are and who they’re meant for is critical if you want to make a satisfying and meaningful impact in the world.

Living Purposefully™ is a structured program designed to develop a crystal-clear understanding of the unique path you’re on and the optimal choices available to you for fulfilling your life’s purpose, both now and in the future. You not only learn what your purpose is; you also learn how to reliably draw upon your inner knowing to confidently continue living your purpose for the rest of your life. And, you learn how to transform the fears and negative beliefs that arise as you uncover your purpose.

If you are interested in learning more, view the brochure. Contact Rachel Conerly for a complimentary interview to see if purpose coaching is the right program for you.