train the trainer

Level I


Jennifer Hooker Photo"The COS has been such a life changing experience for me. Not only did it revolutionize the executive team I was a part of, but it was a transformative experience for my personal life as well! I've taken the COS into a new organization recently and it has resolved long standing issues around alignment, ownership and collaboration that have prevented progress there for years. I am indebted to Rachel and the team. Thank you for your support, guidance and teachings!" 

Jennifer Hooker, Los Angeles, CA

Level I: Teach The COS Participant Training

Cost: $5000


  • The COS Tele-seminar or equivalent
  • Experience with teaching, training or group facilitation

This program will certify you to teach The COS Participant Training to individuals who need to be able to participate in collaborative initiatives (but not lead them). For example, this might be someone joining a team led by a COS Design & Facilitation graduate or a new employee at a company that uses the COS. Level I is offered in a private, in-house format as well as public tele-conference. It requires three days (or equivalent). You'll receive a training manual which includes a training design, instructor’s manual, and participant workbook.

Individual licenses for The COS Participant Training cost $200.

Next training starts April 1.