train the trainer

Level I


Jennifer Cavallari







The COS has influenced so many aspects of my work. It has revolutionized the way my research team works: collaboratively and more efficiently.  I have also found that the core principles of the COS are relevant to grant writing and manuscript preparation.  I highly recommend the COS course which not only gives you the content of the COS, but helps you engage and practice the principles.

- Jennifer Cavallari, ScD. CIH
Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut Health Center

Level I: Teach The COS BootCamp

Cost: $5000


  • The COS: Part I, II, and III
  • Experience with teaching, training or group facilitation

This program will certify you to teach The COS BootCamp to individuals who need to be able to participate in collaborative initiatives (not lead them). For example, this might be someone joining a team led by a COS graduate or a new employee at a company that uses the COS. Level I is offered in a private, in-house format as well as public video conference. It requires three days (or equivalent). You'll receive a training manual which includes a training design, instructor’s manual, and participant workbook.

Individual licenses for The COS Participant Training cost $200.

Next training starts January 15, 2020.