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Bill Hunter

"The shift from “tell ‘em, then sell ‘em" to collaboration has revolutionized my work in organizational change."
Bill Hunter, Partner at Stryve Advisors

The Collaborative Operating System&trade; provides a foundational framework in  which organizations effectively work on the right problems in a manner  that engages stakeholder creativity to develop real solutions that make a  difference. The COS ensures that all team members become part of the  solution. The process is practical and enables implementation that  drives meaningful results. I attended a COS seminar in '07 and use the  leadership concepts and processes in my business almost daily. I  recommended the COS and Seminar if you are seeking a way to make  meaningful and positive change.</p>
<p class="attribute">- Buzz Sztukowski, Vice President & General Manager<br /> Specialty Diagnostics Americas at PerkinElmer, Inc.

To co-create an individualized licensing program that will support you in training others to use the Collaborative Operating System, contact Rachel Conerly.

Statement on COS Intellectual Property:

COS practitioners (training graduates) are encouraged to employ and share COS Tools (any files listed as “templates” or “handouts”, or any content shared publicly at in part or in full, in whatever ways help them to foster a more collaborative world. We request that practitioners maintain respectful attributions within COS Tools, and maintain all references to any creative commons licensing statements.

We also request that practitioners maintain active ties with our growing COS community, and continually share with the community how they are using and expanding upon the tools. Our commitment is to maintain a strong and supportive community for our practitioners, ensuring that they receive the support needed to derive the maximum benefits of using the COS. We see the COS as an ever-evolving system where meaningful developments are incorporated into future trainings and materials.

COS practitioners are expressly prohibited from duplicating, sharing or distributing COS Training Materials (all training modules, audio recordings, presentation slides, training call designs, study group call designs, practitioner guides, course syllabi, sample files or scenarios) in part or in full, with anyone whom we have not ourselves trained, unless explicitly authorized by us. Specifically, practitioners may not use or repurpose COS Training Materials to deliver their own training programs unless explicitly authorized by us.

Furthermore, COS practitioners may not offer COS training to participants who work independently (e.g., consultants) or to “mixed groups” that include participants employed by more than a single-client organization. COS practitioners may, however, offer “in-house” training to participants within their own, or any single-client organization, using their own training materials, without first explicitly obtaining authorization. COS practitioners who plan to deliver COS training on their own are strongly encouraged to obtain COS Training Certification prior to conducting such training.

Updated: January, 2015