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A Way of Working That Works


Stephanie Webb

“COS has fundamentally changed the way I approach my work.  The value I received from the course far outweighed my investment.”
- Stephanie Webb, People Development Business Partner at Google

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The COS is a way of working that works

The Collaborative Operating System is a dynamic and sophisticated system that will categorically out-perform your current approach. You can use the COS to do anything for which you currently use “hierarchy”; for example, you can use it to solve a problem, make a decision, manage a project, or to run an organization, political party, or country.

The COS is transparent

Unlike the hierarchical approach, which is based on the implicit values of power and authority, the Collaborative Operating System is based on the explicit principles of ownership and alignment. The mere act of making the underlying principles explicit has a big impact: Transparency. From these two principles, we’ve designed an integrated and scalable system that will enable you to operationalize these values in literally every aspect of your work. Voilà! Transparency abounds and with it, real accountability.

The COS is fully integrated

Integrated means combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole. Because every single aspect of the COS is congruent with the underlying principles of ownership and alignment, learning and using it is a self-reinforcing experience. Practitioners will tell you that the COS transforms the way work gets done and the way workers experience it. 

Results, results, results!

Teams and organizations that learn the principles and practices of the Collaborative Operating System (COS) report the following:

  • Higher levels of engagement in their work
  • Increased trust in each other, the organization and its leaders
  • An increased ability to think strategically and invest resources where they matter
  • Increased overall execution speeds
  • Less wasted effort and, as a result, increased profits
  • An ability to solve complex, multi-stakeholder problems that were previously unsolvable

The COS can be seamlessly and incrementally woven into the way you’re already working. You can expect immediate, measurable results that will quickly help make the COS your new default approach to work.

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