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Rachel Conerly


Rachel Conerly

For the past 15+ years, I’ve worked as an organization and leadership development consultant to both executives and change agents. I’ve worked with leaders at all levels and organizations of all sizes. I am a passionate teacher and derive great satisfaction from helping my clients develop more meaningful lives. I'm a fan of clarity, simplicity and practicality who strives toward what will make a life-generating difference.  I'm both leader and follower, learner and teacher. 

A turning point occurred in early 2000 as I listened to an Organization Development professional asserting that "the field of training and OD is failing miserably and refusing to acknowledge it". His words stung with truth. In the quiet of my mind I heard these words, "I need a new theology for my work." This led me toward toward a new paradigm which we call the Collaborative Operating System (COS). On one level, the COS is simply a way of working that enables people to perform their work with greater results and satisfaction – a way of working that works.  On another level, it’s a blueprint for addressing super-complex and seemingly intractable problems. A few politically-minded clients have described the COS as the foundation for a new and truly democratic political system.

I’m a graduate of Presbyterian College with a B.S. in Political Science. My parents (both Presbyterian clergy and family therapists) raised me with an integrated psychology and spirituality. For as long as  I can recall, I've felt called to create healthy systems for change. I live in Chapel Hill, NC.

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WHAT Mark SAYS about Rachel:

Rachel is one of the most courageous and passionate leaders I know.  She combines these critical leadership qualities with a deep understanding of and empathy for the human condition, creating a unique atmosphere of safety, challenge and inspiration.  Her insights and wealth of experience consistently bring out the best in individual leaders and their teams.

WHAT Liz SAYS about Rachel:

Rachel is the purest model of what she’s on a mission to create in the world - that every ounce of our lives and work should be meaningful and filled with intention. I’ve seen Rachel first-hand go to great lengths to teach her clients how to make real change. Rachel is a powerful visionary and change agent. She will remain at the front lines as we work to build a world that works.

WHAT Michael SAYS about Rachel:

I hold Rachel as one of the wisest teachers I know. Like Mother Earth, she is generous, unflinching and utterly reliable. Her dedication to her clients and our team borders on the fanatical, and her tireless championing of a better way of working inspires us all to keep thinking and performing way outside the box of our conditioned expectations.