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In our very first conversation with you, we'll model and start transferring the mindset and skills you'll need to learn to start producing exceptional results. We'll give you real practical tools and techniques to use immediately while supporting you to become self-sufficient in the overall implementation of this powerful system.

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Our clients consistently report two things: 1) Using the COS makes them “the most strategic person in the room” and 2) The COS enables them to manage far more complexity.

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There are many approaches to learning the COS. You can learn in a large group training process, one-on-one with a coach or by using the system for a real-work project. We can support you at your worksite, work with you by phone or in whatever way will help you achieve your goals.

COS 2 The World

Calling all change agents! 

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We're on a mission and you're invited to join us in this way of working that works. Our change agents are highly effective despite often having little to no positional power. That's because the COS is powerful "medicine" - a little goes a long way. Expect immediate, tangible results by using this system to do whatever work you're currently doing.