transform your organization

Transform Your Organization


Bill Hunter

"The shift from “tell ‘em, then sell ‘em" to collaboration has revolutionized my work in organizational change."
Bill Hunter, Partner at Stryve Advisors

The Collaborative Operating System&trade; provides a foundational framework in  which organizations effectively work on the right problems in a manner  that engages stakeholder creativity to develop real solutions that make a  difference. The COS ensures that all team members become part of the  solution. The process is practical and enables implementation that  drives meaningful results. I attended a COS seminar in '07 and use the  leadership concepts and processes in my business almost daily. I  recommended the COS and Seminar if you are seeking a way to make  meaningful and positive change.</p>
<p class="attribute">- Buzz Sztukowski, Vice President & General Manager<br /> Specialty Diagnostics Americas at PerkinElmer, Inc.

Real work - in real time - makes a real difference.

We learn by doing. Whether through meetings, planning, or team building, always, our approach to helping you learn the Collaborative Operating System is based on solving real problems and producing real results. The experience from this approach is the very best teacher. You'll see.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

Have an expensive, high-stakes meeting coming up? It's nearly impossible to elicit each team member's best thinking when a meeting is led by a key decision maker. We call that a conflict of interest... read more

Strategic Planning

Most organizations understand they need to do strategic planning in a way that involves the very stakeholders whose work on which the implementation depends... read more

Team Building

Sustainable solutions come from addressing the true underlying causes of breakdowns in the team rather than merely treating the symptoms with a ropes course or cooking class... read more