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Strategic Planning


Paul Downs

"Having done strategic facilitation for 15+ years, the COS course was a bracing engagement with the best parts of our profession. It sets a very high standard for collaboration and was extremely valuable."
- Paul Downs, Strategic Planning Facilitator

Ready for strategic planning that works?

Most organizations understand they need to do strategic planning in a way that involves the very stakeholders whose work on which the implementation depends. If you’re still performing strategic planning at the top of your organization and behind closed doors, you’re missing the biggest opportunity you have to create the critical alignment that will drive implementation. This lack of engagement creates a huge cost down the road, when implementation stalls or is misaligned with the vision.

We’ll guide you in a strategic planning process that seamlessly integrates planning and implementation, while also involving the people on the front lines who have vital information about what will and won’t work on the ground. What’s more, we’ll teach you while leading you through it.

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