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Meeting Design and Facilitation


Oliver Ferrari

"The principles and tools of COS have helped me tremendously when coordinating projects with stakeholders from across an organization.  I have used COS for several years, and I am still regularly surprised by how effectively it reveals and corrects issues that disrupt effective work in teams."
- Oliver Ferrari, Sustainability Consultant

Thinking of holding an offsite meeting for your team?

Have an expensive, high-stakes meeting coming up? It's nearly impossible to elicit each team member's best thinking when a meeting is led by a key decision maker. We call that a conflict of interest. A neutral facilitator can be essential for navigating complex team dynamics while working towards a common goal. Having an outside facilitator to keep the team on track can make or break the results you achieve in your precious time together.

Using the COS, we'll co-design your meeting in a way that engages the group and elicits and incorporates all stakeholders' perspectives, producing results that are much more likely to endure and remain supported in the weeks and months that follow the meeting. A collaborative meeting is also a great way to teach powerful collaborative techniques while getting important work done so the team can continue in high-performance mode after we're gone.

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